Two years ago, the Beyond Board team sat down and made a statement. We HAD to get a game out, to stop dithering and messing around with prototypes, and actually get a game into people’s hands! Make-A-Molecule is the game we chose to push. It is educational, which continues to be something we value. It is a card game, which lowered costs for prototyping and eventual production. And it is fun, we still enjoy playing even two years later.

Of course, we had no idea how to get something to market. . . and still are not 100% sure. . . but we think we are heading in the right direction! Make-A-Molecule will be available for purchase on The Game Crafter and Teachers Pay Teachers this Friday, September 20th.

So what is Make-A-Molecule?

Make-A-Molecule (MAM) was designed to be a quick, passively educational game for use in classrooms as a lesson closer. It plays on organic chemistry fundamentals, using Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen to create different molecules. Players take turns matching the Elements in their hands to the face up Molecules to score Eureka points depending on how complex the molecule is. The tricky bit is that when you match a card to a molecule, you must pass another card to the player that went before you. Players are caught making careful choices in not only what they play, but in what they will pass. But, don’t feel like you must go it alone, players can contribute cards to Molecules without completely finishing them to get Eureka cards that can give them special abilities to help them complete molecules on the next round.

The entire game only takes twenty minutes to play and can handle two to six players!

Make-A-Molecule will be $19.99 on The Game Crafter and $10 on Teachers Pay Teachers as a Print and Play.