and that’s what we’re all about!


The year was 2015 and a spark alit in our eyes... more specifically the game that came to be known as Spark500. Working fast, we built our battle racing game and playtested it at GenCon in the First exposure Playtest hall that same year. While racing to finish the project, we discovered that we shared a knack and passion for game design.

We were off to the races.

In the following years we left Spark500 behind and started development on several games demoing many at GenCon and later PopCon. We’ve worked in leaps and bounds, learning as we went. Before long our little coalition grew into the Beyond Board Games we know today. Our little group of family and friends.


games we are playtesting:

  • Make-A-Molecule

  • MECH

  • On to Deeper Dungeons

  • Fleet Builder

  • Synergist: Alchemy


  • Hanna Seyerle

  • Jeff Callahan

  • Jeremy Healy

  • Gavin Werner